LRES Grade 2 Virtual Learning Schedule Week of: May 4th

Second Grade Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:00-3:00 Class Zoom Meetings: Wednesdays 3:00










-Read pages 397-410 in Science Fusion textbook.

Username: LRESlion

Password: 2ndgr

My Library -> Electronic Student Edition

You can type a page number in the black bar up top where it says “Go to Page…”

Language Arts

Language Arts -> Reading and Writing-> Problem and Solution

Username: goff2341

Password: table6258


Think about the book you’re reading or recently read. In complete sentences, write down the problem and how it was solved. Who solved it? How would the ending change if this did not happen?

Language Arts


Complete ALL Problem and Solution assignments on MobyMax (via Clever)






Write a story with three different solutions to the main problem and have your parents vote on which ending they prefer!

Language Arts



Read “Meet Rosa Parks”.

Class Code: TPCT67

Password prior to making your own: 1234


Problem and Solution read aloud with discussion


Write a short story that has a problem and a solution in it.



Find 5 items in your house that use magnets.



Online research 3 items or machines that use magnets and weigh more than 100 pounds!




What are 3 ways magnets have improved our lives?

Social Studies


Watch 3 videos on BrainPopJr


-George Washington

-Abraham Lincoln

-Benjamin Franklin

Type “Abraham Lincoln” in the search box and listen to or read about his life. Then click on “Activities”. If you don’t have a printer, still click on print to see activity and use a piece of paper.

Username: engaged

Password: learning


Math-> Geometry and Measurement-> What is Data

Math-> Geometry and Measurement-> Bar Graphs

Username: goff2341

Password: month6258



Watch BrainPopJr video about Tally Charts and Bar Graphs and take the easy quiz. Do the same for the videos about Line Graphs and Pictographs





Make a Pictograph showing how many times you have watched tv, played video games, cleaned, or went outside this week!





Complete MobyMax Graphing Assignments (via Clever).

Social Studies


Our Word SS book online. Choose second grade book either read to self or the audio version. Read pages 60-63

username: LakeRidgeS1

password: 22192S


Take virtual tour of Mount Vernon!