For those who are new to LRES, our French program is part of the World Language in Elementary Schools (WLES) program. This model for early foreign-language learning offers instruction for short periods of time on a frequent basis. The goal is to familiarize the students with a basic knowledge of French by focusing initially on listening and speaking skills. As these skills develop, we focus on reading and writing skills. The classes are conducted in French, with an emphasis on using the language in context, rather than practicing grammar drills. 

In French class, we reinforce the curriculum objectives taught in the regular classrooms.
 For example, when first graders learn about geometric shapes with their classroom teachers, they will learn the names for these shapes in French. When third graders learn their multiplication facts, they will be reinforcing these skills by playing multiplication games in French class.

French at LRES is not a graded subject.  We also (usually) do not give homework.  We use informal assessments to determine how your child is learning and to guide our teaching. 

Bienvenue à tout le monde!  (Welcome, everyone!)

We are very excited to begin another successful year in French! The 2019-2020 school year will be the 20th year of the LRES French program.  
Our French program will continue to include first through fifth grades. First- and second-grade French classes will be taught by Madame Wilson-Bahun and will total 60 minutes of instruction a week. Madame Rigot will teach third grade for 60 minutes a week and fourth and fifth grade for 90 minutes a week. We will add a 20-minute weekly lesson for Kindergarten beginning in October. 

We are looking forward to introducing new students to the French language and culture, and to challenging our returning students to take their language skills further.

We will begin the year for our first graders by introducing basic greetings, numbers 1 to 10, colors, as well as learning all about the calendar and weather in French. In second through fifth grades, we will review and expanding upon previously learned vocabulary and concepts.

We thank you, the parents, for the opportunity to teach your children. Their eagerness to learn brings excitement and energy to our program. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail with any questions or comments.

À la prochaine (Until the next time),
-Madame Rigot et Madame Wilson-Bahun


We have some special activities planned for this year.  During French Week in November we will engage in cultural activities and serve crêpes in class!  Look for flyers about how you can help.  Our Multicultural Day will be held in December. Students will sing songs from France and other cultures.  During the first week after Winter Break, we will learn about la fête des rois (Kings' Day), a holiday in France and other countries. 

King Cake Recipe

Would you like to practice your French?  Click on the link below to play French games.