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Hello and welcome to my webpage!! My name is Ms. Moore and I was born on Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC. I was raised in a military family and have had the opportunity to live all over the world. I am the oldest of 8 girls and I have two children.

I spent most of my childhood in Okinawa, Japan. I received a Bachelors degree in Economics from East Carolina University. After graduation, I worked in corporate finance for a few years. I spent much of my college years volunteering in my sisters' elementary school classrooms, this is where I developed a passion for education. In 2011 I began my Masters in Education Elementary Education, I graduated in 2013 and began teaching shortly after. I am currently working toward a Masters in Math Education Leadership at George Mason University. 

I am best reached through Class Dojo or email, which is listed below. Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a great day!

Contact Information-
e-mail: mooredn@pwcs.edu
Class dojo message: Classdojo.com



As we settle into this social distancing and possibly homeschooling if your schedule allows, I want to let you know that I am here if you need any guidance as to what we would be learning if we're at school and how you can best help continue the education from home.  Please see the updated pacing guide in below and in the Files and Documents folder.  This will show you the planned topics of focus in each content area, broken down by week.

If we were in school this first week of the extended closure, we would be continuing our geometry unit in math, discussing combining and subdividing polygons. We also would be starting our next unit on place value. Most of the class took their ecosystems and adaptations test last week, so we would have been starting our geography unit in social studies.  In language arts, we would have been working on our 45 day plan, with a spiral review and focus on nonfiction text features.  For now, I recommend having the kids log into Clever and work in Moby Max, read on myON, explore in BrainPOP, and work in Dreambox. The links for these webpages can be found both in the Useful Links section to the left, as well as below. The Instructional Calendar can also be found below, as well as in the Files and Documents container. 
Thank you for all your support during this time! Please reach out with any questions, I am happy to assist! 

Instructional Calendar:

 Week of:   Reading Standard:  Writing Standard:
March 16    Nonfiction Text Features (3.6c) Homophones (3.4a)
March 23  Drawing Conclusions (3.6e) Affixes, Synonyms, & Antonyms (3.4b)
March 30  Summarize Nonfiction (3.6f)  Context Clues (3.4c,d)
April 6 Spring Break  Spring Break
 April 13  Identify Narrator (3.5f)  Using Reference Materials (3.4g)
 April 20 Conflict/Resolution (3.5i)
Theme (3.5j)
 Using Reference Materials (3.4g)


Week of:  Standard:
March 16 Place Value to 999,999 (3.1ac)
March 23  Rounding, Estimating, Word Problems (3.1b, 3.3ab)
March 30 Counting Coins, Making Change, Patterns (3.6abc, 3.16)
 April 6 Spring Break
 April 13 Word Problems with Money (3.3ab)

Social Studies/Science

(one unit of social studies is taught, then one unit of science)

 Dates Current Unit
 March 16- April 17  Geography and World Maps (3.6a-f)

Standards taught for 2019-2020 school year are located under Files and Documents.