Welcome to Lake Ridge Elementary and to my web page. I am Mrs. Brown. I was born and raised in Florida. I attended University of Central Florida and majored in Special Education.  I love spending time and teaching our students at Lake Ridge Elementary. Your children keep me entertained and enthused about what I am teaching. The students and I work together to make learning fun. We laugh often, learn to respect, accept, and help our peers, and discover that reading and math are enjoyable. I am constantly amazed at their effort and attitude. 

Your student has access to Clever. Clever is a website that allows your student to reach many programs using a single login. Using Clever, allows your student to login in one time and use all the programs that have been provided by our school. Students can use a QRC code OR their personalized login for school computers (ending in @pwcs-edu.org). If you are having problems with your student’s login you may contact your general education teacher.

If you have a student that receives Speech services, go to Useful Links and and see the link from Mrs. White. 

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at browndb@pwcs.edu