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Lake Ridge Gifted Center
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What is SIGNET?
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Today Prince William County offers gifted education services for advanced learners in grades four and five.The elementary gifted education program is designed to offer a variety of educational opportunities that provide enrichment and extension of the regular classroom curriculum. Students who have been identified to receive direct resource services spend one day each week in the Center. The children are transported from their home-base school to the Center and back again aboard PWCS buses. Lake Ridge SIGNET students simply walk down the hall.

A Typical Day in the Center
The Center day is broken into different learning periods, each having its own set of goals.

LEARNING CENTERS: Center time is the major part of the students' day. It provides an opportunity for students to research an area of interest for an extended period of time. Students are guided through the process with the use of individual research contracts. At the conclusion of the daily center time, students evaluate their performance for that day.

THINK TANK: This is a block of time dedicated to expanding students' expertise in critical thinking and problem solving. Students work to solve puzzles using logic, math, spatial, and verbal skills. Emphasis is placed on students' being able to identify strategies they used and thinking skills employed to reach a solution.

MATH AND LANGUAGE ARTS : Each day the students work on a Language Arts unit and a Math unit. These are small and whole group lessons that lead to a culminating activity. Lessons are often organized under the framework of a theme and a variety of lesson formats are included.

The New Student Orientation is scheduled for September 7 from 6-7pm at Lake Ridge Elementary in the library.