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At Lake Ridge Elementary School, we use technology to support and enhance the teaching and learning of Virginia Standards of Learning objectives.Technology support is provided by Mrs. Roubie, Instructional Technology Coach, who provides instructional and training support, and Mr. Puza our Technology Support Specialist, who provides hardware and network support throughout the school.

We have laptops, digital cameras, Flip cameras, digital microscopes, student response systems, iPads, and document cameras, all of which may be checked out by any teacher.  Classrooms have Promethean ActivBoards and student computers for daily use. Each homeroom teacher may choose to have one class period reserved in the computer lab. Teachers may also check out sets of laptops or iPads for use in their classrooms


March 2019

During the COVID-19 closure, students can access a variety of instructional websites.  For personalized accounts, it's recommended that students log in through their Clever accounts, by going to https://clever.com/in/pwcs and logging in either with their Clever badge (provided by their teacher) or with their computer login credentials.  Students' logins are the userid followed by @pwcs-edu.org and their passwords are the same ones they use at school.  Students in grades 2 should use badges whenever possible.

During the 2019-20 school year, PWCS students in grades K-12 will again have their own logins and passwords for Microsoft Office 365.  Our students in grades K-5 will have access to the Microsoft Office suite of software, and students in grades 3-5 will also have email accounts.

To learn more about this program, please see the PWCS Microsoft Office 365 FAQ webpage.

Second-grade students will each have access to Kindles, provided through last year's generous SPARK grant.  

We have purchased many new laptops this year, including a set of laptops and a charging cart provided by our PTO.



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