Dear Parents/Guardians,

This new year has been quite a year. We have welcomed a new principal and several new staff members. We welcomed all our returning and new students. We have made many wonderful changes and faced some awesome challenges. 

Mrs. Harrington and I have worked hard to let our students know that 
each of them is loved and valued. I want each of our students to know that I believe in their growth and potential.  And I believe in our success as a student body because together, “We Are Lake Ridge!” 

Now, as we face this new challenge, I continue to say that we can handle anything because, "We Are Lake Ridge!"  While we are not at school, our teachers are already working to share fabulous and fun content with our students. Our administration is working to ensure that all resources are available to all our students, parents, and teachers. We are all working to stay safe, healthy, and to involve our students in engaging, fun, and relevant learning. 

Please  feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do for you or just to say hello.  I love hearing from you.  As always remember that for me, it is all about the children. 

In the words of Mrs. Harrington, "We've got this!"

Mrs. Katsourakis