Building Good Character
Makes the World A Better Place 

The Six Pillars of Character


See how many character traits your child displays at home and in the community. Below is a description of each character trait.
We would love to hear about it!

Am I honest to my friends and family?
Ask for permission before taking my friends and family's things (don't cheat or steal)?
 Can I be counted on to be loyal by keep my promises and doing what I say i will do ?
 Do I have the courage to do the right thing?

Do I treat others the way I want to be treated (keep the Golden Rule)?
Do I accept others differences?
Do I use kind words and good manners (like please, thank you, you're welcome and excuse me?)
Do I think about other's feelings before I act and speak?
• Do I keep my hands and feet to myself (don't hit or hurt others or property)
Do I deal with conflict peacefully without putting others down when I am  angry?

Do I do what I am supposed to do like chores, etc.?
Do I plan ahead? Do I keep working hard and persevere even when it's hard?
Do I try my best?
Do I show self-control in my words and actions?
Do I think before I act ?
 Am I a good role model for younger students?
Do I choose healthy choices?

Do I play by the rules when I play a game with my family or friends?
Do I let others have a turn and share?
Do l care about and listen to others' opinions?
Do I  take advantage of my friends or family by taking them for granted?
Do I blame my siblings or friends when they have not done anything wrong?
Do I treat everyone the same?

Am I kind to others?
Do I show that I can be compassionate for others by showing them I care? 
Do I show empathy by putting myself in other people's shoes?
Do I express thankfulness and gratitude to my family, friends and those who serve our community?
Do I forgive others and show them mercy when they make a mistake?
Do I help others in need if I am able to (means charitable)?


 Do I help my community?
Do I do my share to make your home, school, community and the world a better place
Do I vote when I asked to for a family decision or classroom activity?
Am I Cooperative?
 Am I  a good friend or neighbor?
Do I listen to the the rules at home and school?
Am I Respectful to my parents and teachers?
Do I take care of our environment by not littering? 
Do I volunteer when possible?

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