Welcome to the Lake Ridge ES
School Counseling Deparment!

School Counseling Program Vision:

The Lake Ridge Elementary School Counseling Department envisions a future which promotes life-long learning for all students. We will foster a positive environment that instills a belief in self, encourages social-emotional and academic success, and supports differentiating services and programs based on students’ developmental needs. Students strive to think in a positive way about their long-term goals, which includes career readiness, becoming productive members of society both locally and globally.

School Counseling Program Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Lake Ridge Elementary School Counseling Department to provide a data driven comprehensive program dedicated to creating a safe, caring, and respectful learning environment in which students can strive toward academic, personal, and social excellence. Through collaboration with staff, parents, and community, all students have equitable access to knowledge, skills, and mindsets as they become life-long learners. Career development empowers students to also become good citizens in the community and society.

School Counseling Program Beliefs:

* All students can learn and be productive members of society.

* The dignity, culture, and social/emotional needs of every student are to be respected and valued.

* The school counselors will gather evidence and use data to continuously evaluate and improve the school counseling program.

* The school counselors will abide by ASCA's professional school counseling standards and ethics.

*The school counselors provide a safe environment for life-long learning and problem solving.

* Promotes a healthy school culture which is supportive and collaborative among parents, students and staff.