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Lake Ridge Lions R.O.A.R with Respect, Order, Attitude and Responsibility

Lake Ridge Elementary School Counseling Program Vision Statement


The Lake Ridge Elementary School Counseling Program strives to provide a comprehensive counseling program which will promote self-confidence and academic success in a positive environment for every student.  We work collaboratively by differentiating our services and programs based on students’ needs. Students are encouraged to think in a positive way about their long-term goals to include career readiness and global citizenship.

Our school counseling program is dedicated to creating a safe, caring, and respectful atmosphere in which students can strive toward academic, personal, and social excellence. As school counselors, we serve as an advocate for the students, yet continually collaborate with the teachers, parents, and administrators to seek the students’ best interests. The premise is held that all children can learn; thus no child can be left behind. Our goal is to empower every child with problem-solving, decision-making and conflict resolution skills which will aide them on their journey to becoming life-long learners. We also place an emphasis on career exploration to help prepare students for future opportunities in the working world.

Beliefs and Philosophy Statement
I believe an effective school counseling program:
·      Is an essential element of the school foundation.
·      Provides a safe environment for life-long learning and problem-solving.
·      Provides classroom lessons and activities that are based on the Prince William County Guidance Curriculum (K-5) incorporating the personal, social, academic and career domains.
·      Is both proactive and preventative in nature.
·      Helps children develop into successful adults.
·      Recognizes each student’s potential and capabilities.
·      Promotes a healthy school culture which is supportive and collaborative among parents, students and staff.