CHAMPS Peer Mediators
Champs Stands for “Conflict Happens and Mediation Provides Solutions”
When students are having a problem, they can request to meet with the Champs. Champs are fifth grade students who have been selected to help other students solve problems in an objective way.
A Champ Peer Mediator is:
  • A Good listener
  • Fair
  • Respectful
  • Maintains confidentiality
Process for Meeting with the Champs:
  • Complete a referral form and return to Miss Johnson or Ms. Atkins mailbox.
  • Miss Johnson reviews the form and selects a few peer mediators.
  • Student Peer Mediation session takes place during the fifth grade lunch period.
  • Session takes place in the Guidance Office.
  • A follow-up session is held if the problem solvers agree this additional step will be necessary.

Champs Rock! Thank you to our Champs Peer Mediators for your willingness to volunteer your time to help support students in the problem solving process for the 2019-20 school year. Hopefully, you will find these conflict resolution skills helpful in middle school years and beyond.