Parent Resources


We are excited to introduce our LRES Read-Aloud Padlet!!  We hope you enjoy this new resource of read-loud videos on a variety of counseling topics, including:

Mindfulness and Sensory
YouTube sites with popular read-aloud channels
Interactive activity videos
Fun Stories
Fun Videos

Example: "A Little Spot of Feelings"

Guidance Library

Interested in finding out more about a certain subject: Grief and loss, helping your child with their homework, and other important topics?   Parents can view books/videos in the Guidance Library, feel free to contact me to schedule a visit.


Parent Workshops/Classes:
·       Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP)
·       Living Apart – Parenting Together (LAPT)
·       When Families Get Angry and the Spanish Parenting
These classes (also available in Spanish) are offered by the Prince William Cooperative Extension Office. You must complete a registration form for each class. A fee is charged for each class. For additional information, please visit the website at or contact Karen Corderman at 703-792-6288.

Student Services has provided Tips for Parents and Students on Social Media. For more information on Texting, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Parent's Guide to Kik etc.  Please visit the Social Media Link below:

Social Media Link


For additional information on Educational Parent Support Groups, please visit or at 703.820.9001.
Parent education, support and resources are provided on a weekly basis.

Child Supervision & Babysitting Guidelines
Prince William County Department of Social Services recommends your child be trained in self-care techniques prior to be left at home alone (if age and developmentally appropriate). In the event of an emergency, your child should have a knowledge of how to deal with conflicts with friends/siblings, handling loneliness/boredom/fear, personal safety, simple first aid or an emergency and how to contact a responsible adult if needed.

 Ages    Child Supervision
0-8 May not be left unsupervised
9-11 No more than 1.5 hours alone - days only
12 -15
May be left alone all day
16-17 May be left alone all night or over the weekend
All children should have emergency telephone numbers and a number to locate a parent or other responsible adult.

Babysitting Guidelines
12-13 May babysit children for up to 4 hours
14-15 May babysit over 4 hours-not overnight or weekends
May babysit children overnight or over the weekend
All children should have emergency telephone numbers and a number to locate a parent or other responsible adult.

Helpful Websites:
  •  Olweus Anti-Bullying Program
·       Link to ParentResourceCenter
   ·  Support for Children & Adults Coping ADD/ADHD 

   ·  Support for Military Families

   · Netsmartz - Bully prevention tips (addresses      
                          internet safety and cyperbullying)

Resources for Coping with Grief 
Discipline with Love and Logic
      Conscious Discipline