Safety Patrols
Instructor: Mrs. Gioia

Welcome to our Safety Patrol webpage! My name is Mrs. Gioia and I am the LRES Patrol Sponsor. We have a wonderful group of Patrols and Substitute Patrols this school year. We have meetings once a month for our 5th grade patrols and start each meeting saying our patrol pledge while our Patrol Coordinator, Ms. Tart, comes and teaches us about safety and answers any questions our patrols have.

Patrol Pledge
I PROMISE to do my best to...
REPORT for duty on time.
PERFORM my duties faithfully.
STRIVE to prevent crashes,
always setting a good example myself.
OBEY my teachers and officers of the patrol.
REPORT dangerous student practices.
STRIVE to earn the respect of fellow students.

Patrols of the Month - January
Congratulations to Cadin, Joelle, Shaavon, Savana, and Aidan!! laugh
Patrols of the Month - December
Congratulations to Ashley, Joseph, Dakota, and William!!wink
Guest Readers
When chosen as Patrols of the Month, our fifth graders have the opportunity to be guest readers to our kindergarten classes!!
Patrols of the Month - November
Congratulations to Tabish, Shahane,Severin, and Alex!! cool
Patrols of the Month - October
Congratulations to Ryan, Patrick, Ashley, and Maria!!! yes
Patrols of the Month - September
Congratulations to our Co-Captains Megan and Ashley!! smiley


Gioia, Carolyn
Phone: 703-494-9153