Dear Parents/Guardians,

Finally, we are ready to receive our students in our school building and I cannot wait to see them fill the school hallways.

In these past two years, our resolve and our emotions have been tested. However, we have emerged through it all, and although a little bruised, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have learned all about Zoom, Canvas, and many other wonderful virtual opportunities to learn. We employed mitigation measures to ensure that our students and teachers remained safe and healthy when they were in school. We now have the technology for each of our students to have access to a device. Yes, we are finally 1:1 in regard to technology. We have experienced virtual and hybrid learning and as usual our students showed everyone what it is to be a "Lake Ridge Lion"! They showed resilience and a focus on academic learning.

In this new school year, Mrs. Harrington and I will continue to ensure that all our students know that each of them is loved and valued. We will continue to encourage their academic growth and potential. Our faculty is committed to help all our students grow socially and emotionally through our Caring School Communities curriculum. As always, we continue to believe in our success as a student body because we are "Stronger Together!"

Mrs. Harrington and I want you to know that our administration will continue to work to make sure that resources are available to all our students, parents, and teachers. We will continue to follow PWCS guideline to ensure that our students and faculty stay safe and healthy. Finally, we will continue to work as a collective to ensure that we involve our students in engaging, fun, and relevant learning.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do for you or just to say hello. I love hearing from you. As always remember that for me, it is all about the children.

Mrs. Katsourakis