Office Staff

Welcome to the LRES office.

Department Announcements

New students may be registered using the new online registration located on the PWCS website.

Items needed to register:

  1. Original certified copy of the student's birth certificate
  2. Complete physical
  3. Immunization Record
  4. Proof of residence
    • One of the following: Mortgage or deed, rental lease agreement, or affidavit of residency; and
    • Two of the following: Utility bill, voters registration card, car registration, driver's license, property tax bill, other pieces of mail with the parents name and new address shown.

For questions, please contact Mrs. Kari Lane, LRES Registrar, at 703-494-9153. Office hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Absence And Tardy Information

The LRES automated Edulink System will make phone calls to the homes of students that have an unverified absence for the day. The absence calls will be made from 10-11 a.m.

Please call the attendance line 571-492-3739 if your student will be absent or tardy to school. You can also submit full day absences using your ParentVUE account. Please provide details for the reason the student is absent. If you do not call the attendance line or submit the absence in ParentVUE, you must send a note to explain the absence when the student returns to school.

Students must be in the classroom, at their desk ready to begin the day by 9:00 a.m. The only excused tardy reasons are if the student is sick and not feeling up to coming to school, an emergency situation, parent feels weather conditions delay the student's arrival to school, or doctor or dental appointments. Unexcused tardies are missed bus, just "late" arrival, traffic, etc.


School Finance Specialist I
Mrs. Traci Helmick
Phone: 703-494-9153
Mrs. Helmick is the LRES Bookkeeper.

Secretary I
Mrs. Carolyn Gioia
Phone: 703-494-9153
Mrs. Gioia is the Principal's secretary.

Mrs. Kari Lane
Phone: 703-494-9153
Mrs. K. Lane is the LRES Registrar. She also takes care of all student records and attendance.

Office Assistant
Ms. Tammy Harris
Phone: 703-494-9153
Ms. Harris is the LRES Office Assistant.

School Nurse
Ms. Mary Johns, BS, RN
Phone: 703-494-9153
Ms. Johns is our School Nurse. She takes care of health concerns at LRES, as well as hearing and vision screenings.